Black Dog Knits

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We are the dogs of Black Dog Knits and we are so happy to have you visit.  Read more about us below and click on the page links to the left to find out what's been happening lately.


I'm the original black dog of blackdogknits.  My soft and shiny black coat was one of a kind and I'm a big part of the reason that my mom now has a soft spot for black dogs, especially labs.  According to the folks at ARF, where my mom got me when I was just 8 weeks old,  I was a black lab and golden retriever mix although you'd never guess the golden part by looking at my coat.  I think my mom was the only one around me enough to catch that rare glimpse of red on the tip of my fur when the sun hit me at just the right angle.  I was a very good dog, unlike my younger sister Buckie who was always up to no good.  I loved my peanut butter Kongs, lying in the sun, chasing squirrels and best of all visits at grandma's house.  I think Sea Ranch might have been my favorite vacation spot although I did enjoy all the other car rides around the Western US.  If my mom ever gets her act together she's going to post some photos of those road trips.  I wish I got paid royalties for all the modeling that I did.  I was a premier greeting card model and it ends up that getting Buckie to pose for cards isn't very easy when I'm not around to set a good example.  I think my mom should post a "best of" greeting card page to show off my work.


My name should have been "Rascal" because if there's any mischief going on you can be sure that I'm at the center of it.  I was born in March of 1999 and I came to be black dog number two at blackdogknits after a series of shelters and foster homes.  I'm really a good dog at heart, it's just that I have a big nose (both literally and figuratively) and I have to go where the nose leads.  I'm the head varmint hunter and I specialize in small rodents that come over from the empty lot next door and lizards.  I've never actually caught anything but I'm very good at alerting my mom when there is a varmint on our property.  (One time I did get a piece of a guinea pig named "Porkchop" but that was really all my mom's fault for not providing proper supervision - fortunately Porkchop was not adversely affected by the bald spot I left him with)   I love food and the car and when I was younger I used to love to sit on my mom's lap for tummy rubs but now that doesn't feel so good on my back and hips so I go for ear and neck scratches instead.  I've been an excellent role model for Penny on how to be both calm and confident and I've thoroughly enjoyed being the top dog these past four years.  My latest skill is sign language - my hearing is gone but it's amazing how my mom and I still communicate so well using body language and signs.  I really wish she wouldn't sneak up on me when I'm sleeping though, it really startles me somethings.
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